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Our all-inclusive lodge stays include daily excursions with expert guides and specialists exploring the coastal rainforests, rocky shores, and sandy beaches of Barkley Sound and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on which you can encounter whales, sea lions, and sea otters, and watch bears forage on the shore and eagles soar overhead. Guests explore the region both on foot and in our zodiac boat.

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Our remarkable five-acre oceanfront lodge consists of the main lodge with five unique spacious bedrooms, four with private ensuite bathrooms, and features a luxurious great room with massive stone fireplace, spacious dining room, a spectacular kitchen with secondary dining area, library, and workshop space.

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Outer Shores Lodge is located on the western shore of the remote wilderness village of Bamfield and the traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation. Largely accessible by air and water only (except for a few logging roads), getting to Outer Shores Lodge is an immersive and compelling part of the overall lodge experience. Transfers to and from the lodge are not included in our all-inclusive packages, however, our team is here to help advise you with your travel arrangements as necessary.

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