How Bamfield Got Its (Misspelled) Name

In recent “The Lookout” entries we’ve been focusing on the history of Outer Shores Lodge as it relates to the lodge’s original founder R. Bruce Scott. You can read Part I, Part II, and Part III of that three-part Logbook series by clicking the links.  In this entry we look at one interesting quirk of […]

R. Bruce Scott & Outer Shores Lodge – Part III

This is Part III of our ongoing “The Lookout” series exploring the stories and history behind Outer Shores Lodge, and the site on which the lodge sits. If you missed our first two entries into the Logbook in this series, ‘R. Bruce Scott & Outer Shores Lodge – Part I,’ which tells the story of […]

Witness BC’s Single Largest Ecological Event

It’s an exciting time of year to be at Outer Shores Lodge!  In the coming days, billions of herring will gather along the coast of British Columbia to spawn, bringing with them an unbelievable concentration of predators and prey, including grey whales, humpback whales, seals, sea lions, bears, sea wolves, eagles, and more.  In the […]

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