9 Signature Experiences at Outer Shores Lodge

From serene strolls along iconic west coast beaches to thrilling boat-based adventures, Outer Shores Lodge offers a wide range of immersive experiences that balance escape, relaxation, adventure, learning, and connection. Learn about the marvels of the intertidal, and enjoy wildlife viewing excursions, encounters with black bears, wildlife photography, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, rainforest walks, headland […]

R. Bruce Scott & Outer Shores Lodge – Part II

Welcome to Part II of our ongoing “The Lookout” series exploring the stories and history behind Outer Shores Lodge, and the site on which the lodge sits. If you missed our first entry in the series, ‘R. Bruce Scott & Outer Shores Lodge – Part I,’ which tells the story of Bruce Scott’s arrival in […]

R. Bruce Scott & Outer Shores Lodge – Part I

There’s a lot of history to Outer Shores Lodge and the land on which the Lodge sits and it’s important to us that we share those stories with our guests. The place has a remarkable past with innumerable stories dating back thousands of years. This incredible locale has gone through many iterations over time and […]

Kiix̣in – An Ancient West Coast Village

On the far west coast of Vancouver Island lies an ancient village site most people have never heard of. Tucked away off the small coastal community of Bamfield, is the ancient Huu-ay-aht First Nations village site known as Kiix̣in (pronounced kee-hin). The name Kiix̣in comes from the sound of the crashing waves at the base […]

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