Outer Shores Lodge

Our Vision

Providing Exceptional Experiences

We are committed to providing exceptional cultural and natural history lodge stays that are adventurous, educational, safe, comfortable, and restful. We deliver experiences of the highest quality in all aspects of our operations, from comfortable accommodations, to personalized service, insightful and educational excursions and activities, and exceptional chef-prepared meals. We are committed to minimizing our impacts on the wildlife we encounter and supporting the communities and cultures who welcome us to share in their experiences. Our commitment extends beyond a simple business model.

Image: Kirst King Jones

At the heart of our commitment is connecting people with nature, fostering stewardship, and reducing our footprint on the planet. In this spirit, we integrate sustainable ecotourism practices into all our activities. We source and serve foods that are locally and sustainably grown, produced, raised, or caught. Our recycling and composting programs help to divert waste from landfills. Outer Shores Lodge is committed to working with Synergy Enterprises to ensure our all our practices meet established sustainability standards and to calculate and offset our annual greenhouse gas emmisions.

Image: Russell Markel

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