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The BC coast is home to the people, communities, traditional territories, languages, artistry, technologies, and governance of an amazing diversity of Indigenous cultures, many of which are more than 15,000 years old.

We always acknowledge, and share with our guests, the First Nations whose traditional territories we are exploring.  Most of our Lodge stays  include a visit to the Huu-ay-aht ancient village and fortress National Historic Site of Kiixin, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

In addition to specific cultural sites, we often have  ubiquitous encounters with cultural footprints that are readily found in the places we explore. These include massive shell middens, clam gardens, wooden-stake and stone fish traps, and culturally-modified trees (CMTs), which are all representations of those who have been stewarding these lands and waterways since time immemorial.

With the help and guidance of community leaders, cultural interpreters, and coastal archaeologists and anthropologists, we look forward to respectfully introducing our guests to the ancient and contemporary Indigenous cultures of the BC coast.

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