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Our Food Philosophy

Images: Owen Perry


The core of our Outer Shores Lodge food philosophy lies in understanding that what we eat matters. It matters to our health and the health of our environment. The cultivation, distribution, preparation, and appreciation of food are all paramount to our well-being, and it’s something we put a lot of thought and consideration into. We want to bring the best of the region to your plate and we’re committed to sourcing sustainably, locally, and organically whenever possible. 

A Cherished Experience

Our meals aren’t just a routine; they’re a cherished part of your experience with us. Our culinary team brings an elevated approach to every meal, crafting dishes that mirror the beauty of the surroundings. Our guests often find that mealtime stands out as favourite memory of their time with us. It’s a time of connection, shared stories, and the pure delight of savouring locally sourced, sustainable dishes that celebrate British Columbia.

Image: Owen Perry


Our culinary team holds a profound belief that food is an extraordinary gateway to understanding a region. It’s not merely about ingredients; it’s a journey of exploration. The flavours, the textures, and the cultural nuances are all woven into every bite. Dining here is more than sustenance; it’s a passport to the better understanding our region and each other. 

Image: Owen Perry

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