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Outer Shores Lodge

We invite you to join us at Outer Shores Lodge for an experience featuring our well-refined approach to balancing escape, relaxation, education, wildlife & conservation, inspiration, and connection throughout your stay at our all-inclusive ecolodge located in Bamfield, British Columbia on the edge of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. 

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All-Inclusive Luxury Eco-Lodge

Our all-inclusive eco-lodge stays include daily excursions with expert guides and specialists exploring the coastal rainforests, rocky shores, and sandy beaches of Barkley Sound and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on which you can encounter whales, sea lions, and sea otters, and watch bears forage on the shore and eagles soar overhead. Guests explore the region by foot, kayak, snorkelling, and boat excursions.

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Our Lodge

A Place Like No Other

There are few places on Canada’s Pacific Coast that can rival the unique setting and experience of Outer Shores Lodge. The southwest facing lodge is nestled metres from the ocean, surrounded by surge channels, sea caves, rainforests and our  ‘Lookout’ bluff, which has been used for millennia. On this backdrop we add our culinary and guiding teams, layers of cultural and natural history, and the beautiful community of Bamfield to create an incomparable experience.


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The Nature of Our Lodge

We are committed to providing exceptional cultural and natural history lodge stays that are adventurous, educational, safe, comfortable, and restful. We deliver experiences of the highest quality in all aspects of our operations, from comfortable accommodations, to personalized service, insightful guided wildlife excursions and outdoor activities, and exceptional chef-prepared meals. 

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'The Lookout'

Newsletter and posts about Outer Shores Lodge's past, present, and future.

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